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3yr Old Program

The Italian Center 3 year old preschool program offer a nurturing environment for children to learn and play with a variety of activities.  The program focuses on socialization and building self confidence with age appropriate activities.  For 3 year olds, the emphasis is on building both social and emotional skills, in addition to fine and gross motor skills.

The classroom experience is structured with certain activities taking place daily such as free play, meeting time where roll call is taken, learning colors and shapes, snack, circle time and story time.  Additionally, each day unfolds with different experiences once a week such as music, computers, dance, art, gym, swimming and show and tell.

Our preschool center classroom is an open room, brightly decorated with artwork and different themes throughout the year.  The classroom is also equipped with three computers for use during computer time.  While the students are in school, they will participate in activities that take place in the Italian Center gymnasium, swimming pool and outdoor playground, weather permitting.