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2018 Rates*  (Effective January 1, 2018)

Family Membership

(3 or more persons)
Annual Dues $2,450                       *Capital Pledge $1,250 (Payable over 5 yrs)
Includes mother/father ages 35 to 64, and unmarried children through age 25 who are living at home.

Two Person Family Membership

Annual Dues $2,050                       *Capital Pledge $1,250
Includes married couples with no children or Single Parent with one child

Junior Family Membership

Annual Dues $1,395                       *Capital Pledge $1,000
Both husband and wife must be under age 35 when you join.  Upon either spouse reaching age 35, full Family Membership dues will apply.

Introductory Summer Membership

For first-time family and junior family memberships only. Memorial Day to Labor Day. Only a limited number of memberships are available.

Family: $1,850    Junior Family: $1,100

Live-In (Nanny) Membership

Annual Dues $265
Available only with a Family or Junior Family Membership. Nanny may only enter the facility while supervising the children of the family. The nanny is not allowed to use the fitness center.

Individual Membership

Annual Dues $1,295                       *Capital Pledge $1,000
Adults, age 30 or older

Junior Individual Membership

Annual Dues $750                       *Capital Pledge $500
Adults, ages 18 through age 29.

If parent has paid the capital fund pledge in full, an $800 pledge is to be paid by the son or daughter beginning their own membership.

Senior Citizen Membership

Annual Dues $800                       *Capital Pledge $800
Single Person, age 65 or older, with no children.

Senior Couple Membership

Annual Dues $1,000                     *Capital Pledge $800
Either spouse, age 65 or older, with no children.

Platform Tennis Membership

Available October 1-March 31. Only a limited number of memberships available. Allows Platform Tennis players to participate in clinics and play on the Italian Center Platform Tennis teams.

Individual Platform Tennis Membership: $500   
Couple Platform Memberships: $750

Capital Fund Pledge*

All new members are required to make a pledge upon joining the Center. The pledge is payable over a period of five years. All pledges are non-refundable.

If you leave the center before the full pledge is paid you do not have to pay the remaining amount. However, if you decide to rejoin the center then the remaining amount of the pledge is due when you rejoin.


* IC Management reserves the right to revise the rates or pledge at their discretion.