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Fitness Evaluations


Fitness Assessment

A certified personal trainer will  record your health history and conduct a series of tests to gauge your current fitness level.  This information will be used to make recommendations and set goals for a customized training program. Fitness Assessments are highly recommended for individuals who are new to exercise, or are ready to return to exercise after a significant break.

Fitness Program Review

Stuck in a rut? Not getting results? A Fitness Program Review will evaluate your current exercise routine to determine its effectiveness and set new goals. This is a valuable tool for members who exercise regularly and are looking to transform their workouts for maximum results.

Fitness Orientation

A Fitness Orientation is available for members who are in need of proper instruction on how to use the cardio machines and equipment in our fitness center. A basic understanding and knowledge of the center is important to prevent injuries and ensure an effective workout.

To book your complimentary Fitness Evaluation, Program Review or Fitness Orientation, please contact:

Brian Wright

Athletic Department

Phone: 203-322-6941, extension 114