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Youth Group Swim Lessons

Spring 2018

Tuesday/Thursday (two days a week)
May 1 – June 21

Saturdays (once a week)
April 28 – June 23 (no class 5/26)

Summer Session I


June 25-July 20 (No class July 4)


June 30-July 21

Online Registration: June 1

In Person Registration:  June 22:  4:45pm-6:00pm

Summer Session II


July 23-August 17  


July 28-August 18

Online Registration: July 6

In Person Registration: July 20: 4:45pm-6:00pm

 Youth Group Swimming Classes

Aquababies with parent (6 mo.-2 yrs.)
Saturday  9:30am

Aquababies is a parent and child swim class designed to introduce infants from 6 months – 24 months old to the water. It is best for those with some to no water experience. Games and songs are used to help children acclimate to the water. Toys are used to aid with the development of gross motor skills.

Aquatoddlers with parent (2-3yrs)
Saturday  10:00am

Aquatoddlers is a continuation of Aquababies for children 24 – 26 months old. This is a parent and child class. Children will continue to develop basic water skills and water safety. Participants will practice separating from their parents, and prepare for the next level. 

Saturday 10:30am
Monday-Friday 12:30pm & 1:00pm

Aquatots is a continuation of Aquatoddlers; it’s the first level where the child is independent from the parent; Children have little to no previous swimming experience. Blowing bubbles, submerging, independent glides and floats are practiced in this level. Safety skills such as jumping and returning to the wall are practiced here. The ultimate goal is to be comfortable in the water and be able to swim unassisted for 5 yards (to the backstroke flags).

Beginner 1
Monday-Friday 1:00pm & 1:30pm

Beginner 1 is a continuation of Aquatots; children are encouraged to be more independent from the instructor in this level. Independent front and back floats in proper body position are practiced here like rolling the body and streamline. Children will also learn the basic strokes of freestyle and backstroke with an introduction to rotary breathing. The ultimate goal is to swim 1/3 of a lap.


Beginner II
Monday-Friday  1:30pm

Beginner 2 is a continuation of Beginner 1; Streamline, Freestyle, Rotary Breathing and Backstroke are refined and children will build up their endurance. Elementary backstroke, treading water and kneeling dives are introduced at this level. The ultimate goal is to swim 1/2 a lap of each stroke.


Advanced Beginner
Monday-Friday 2:00PM

Advanced Beginner is a continuation of Beginner 2; the main focus is on completing full laps of Freestyle & Backstroke. Breaststroke and standing dives are introduced at this level.




Little Lappers
Monday-Friday 2:00PM

Little Lappers is a continuation of Advanced Beginner; Breaststroke is perfected at this level. Butterfly, flip turns and racing starts are introduced here. The focus will be on refining and perfecting all strokes in order to swim multiple laps. Register Now[/fourcol_one_last]