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Personal Training

The Italian Center offers one-on-one and joint personal training services for members and non-members and will provide a customized fitness plan based on individuals needs.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase endurance, build muscle or tone up, our certified trainers will work with you to create a custom plan to meet your specific needs.






Personal Training

# of SessionsMember RatesCost Per SessionNon-Member Rates Cost Per Session

Joint Training (2 people)

# of SessionsMember RatesCost Per Session Non-Member RatesCost Per Session
1$100 ($50 per person)$50 per person$110 ($55 per person)$55 per person
6$540 ($270 per person)$45 per person$630 ($315 per person)$52.50 per person
12$960 ( $480 per person)$40 per person$1,200 ($600 per person)$50 per person

To book a personal training session or to purchase a package, please contact:

Brian Wright

Athletic Department

Phone: 203-322-6941, extension 114